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About Loreworx


Developing Accurate Games For Curious Gamers


Our vision is to become the world’s leading developer of mass appeal games that are both highly engaging and informative, through direct gameplay features and/or focus on scientific/historical accuracy.

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Our Games

Our Games


As a newly founded studio, our premiere project is UniKaos, a genre-defining competitive multiplayer action trivia game designed to engage players while delivering knowledge.

UniKaos Competition


Our matches are 2v2, competitive multiplayer. Studies show the advantage that competitive learning has versus traditional approaches. One of those advantages? A lesser feeling that you’re actually learning.

UniKaos Originality question window


UniKaos is extremely chaotic to play and the rewards for answering a question correctly are huge. You have seconds to answer. Getting it correct enables your character’s ultimate skill. This makes the trivia part of the game exciting, as it ramps up the tension.



Every game character has a back story, a major objective in life, likes, dislikes, and passions. We want them to feel relatable. You can also train your favorite characters to increase their attributes and unlock skill upgrades. 

UniKaos Community


You can create a Union (team/clan) in UniKaos. You can design your team crest and uniforms. Characters will then wear those jerseys when they play a match representing their Unions. Unions gain ranks, play in events, win trophies, and unlock rewards.


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